About Us

CVS Environmental Testing uses only accredited microbiology and chemistry laboratories to provide dependable results. We remain separated from the business of remediation. This eliminates any conflicts of interest when we test. CVS Environmental Testing specializes in Visual & diagnostic inspection for residential and commercial premises.
CVS Environmental Testing is not affiliated with any other consulting, laboratory or remediation companies. As a result, CVS Environmental Testing is able to provide unbiased and reliable testing data that help environmental professionals, realtors, property managers and homeowners make informed decisions about their environmental condition.
Protecting the health of your family and home is our number one objective. Specializing in home and mold inspections, we strive to be the most reliable resource in protecting your investment. In the past 20 years, asthma among children has been increasing at an alarming rate, leading many to finally realize the link between our health and our surrounding environmental factors. Besides asthma, many other health problems tied to home environmental factors have increased in frequency and intensity for children and adults alike. CVS Environmental Testing is your partner in maintaining the safety of your environment.

Why Choose Us

At CVS Environmental we put our customer first! Every customers' concern is important to us. Our technicians are certified home and mold inspectors. In addition, we have staff who are also certified in mold remediation, water restoration, fire/smoke restoration, construction and carpentry. Our goal is to treat you like family and be the go to person for all your questions and concerns on your home. With every service we provide, we focus on being the most comprehensive and detailed in our test reports. We constantly compare rates with our competitors to have the most affordable quality services.